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How to Fix a Running Toilet?

How to Fix a Running Toilet?

If your toilet is continuously running so you must find out whether you've a fill valve problem or a flapper/flush valve problem.

Step 1

If you've turned off the water supply line, and then turned on the water and look inside of your tank. Find out if water's level is increasing excessively and it's draining in the flood pipe. If it's yes, follow the following steps to clean up the fill valve.

Step 1A -

In case flushing debris doesn't end up the problem; Change the toilet's valve.

Flushing Debris: 

It's possible for debris and dirt to remain inside the toilet valve. This may happen at any time water is turned on and may occur right after setting up, maybe a couple of days later, months or even years after setting up.

Stick to these steps for cleaning up your toilet valve:

* Shut off the water and then flush your toilet.
* By using your right-hand reach to the tank and raise the float cup and hold the grey base and grip it in this place (see photo below).
* By using your left-hand to grip the cup and put your thumb on the plastic arm.
* Turn both the plastic arm and the cup counter-clockwise 1/8th turn. Push on the cup whilst making a rapid turning motion.
* Lift on the cup and move away from the fill valve. Hold the cup upside-down over the open side of the fill valve and open the water supply for 10 to
15 secs. Check inside the valve to make sure that there is no debris still inside it.
* Alter steps to put the valve top correctly. Turn the water on and flush the toilet to make sure that the problem solved.

Video: How to Fix a Running toilet

In case this process doesn't solve the problem then changing the valve must solve it. To see all kinds of fill valves

Step 2

While your toilet tank is full of water shut off the toilet water, mark and check the present level of the water inside your tank. Wait for 10 to 15 mins and notice if the water runs down of the mark. When it yes, first change the flapper because it's the most typical problem. To see kinds of flappers

Step 3

In case you changed the flapper but the toilet keeps draining down (repeat the previous step) then we highly recommend changing the flush valve because it will eventually stop draining water from your toilet tank to the bowl. If you want to see kinds of flush valves

Step 4

When you observe water on your toilet floor and the toilet keeps running, quickly shut off the water and look within your tank to find if water comes from the tank lever handle or the lid. Change the toilet flush valve and the fill valve. Maybe the flush valve is setting wrongly or might be obstructing the water path to drain properly to the bowl. In case the water drains down but comes out of the base of your tank, then you must change tank screws and washers.

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