Monday, April 1, 2019

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal


Tools for Repairing a Garbage Disposal

* Garbage disposal wrench
* hex keys


1. Make sure that electricity is connected to your garbage disposal first by checking the fuses or the circuit breakers in the main electricity board. If this isn't able to bring back power to your disposal, switch the disposal's wall button. Once you hear the disposal engine sound, quickly shut down the button. Next, unplug the disposal and go on to the next Step.
If there is no electrical connection in your disposal, click the energy overload button on the base of the disposal in the sink cupboard. Switch the wall button one more time. If the electric motor hums, shut down the button, unplug the disposal and move forward to Step two.
In case clicking the energy overload button does not bring power back to your disposal, contact a qualified electrician.

2. Check your disposal to make certain that it isn't plugged. Then place the attached hex-shaped hole in the base of the disposal. Put in the gap Allen wrench which comes with the disposal.
Apply the wrench to turn disposal's engine base manually first counter-clockwise, then clockwise till you clear up the blockage and the engine base moves easily. If you cannot turn the engine on, move forward to the next step.
Clear up the wrench and turn on your disposal. Run water in your sink and turn your disposal on. When water runs properly, then you are successfully finished.

3. If your disposal engine is still crammed, turn it on with garbage disposal wrench.
Press the wrench down the disposal from above and keep rotating it till its jaws lock on the cutter within the disposal.
Powerfully first move the wrench in a counter-clockwise way and then clockwise till the obstruction is cleared away and the engine moves easily.
Clear up the wrench, turn on your disposal and keep checking its work.


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