Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How to Replace a Toilet

How to Replace a Toilet


·        wax seal
·        plumber's putty
·        toilet
·        caulk
·        plumber's silicone grease

·        scraper putty knife
·        rubbing / Isopropyl alcohol
·        screwdriver
·        sponge
·        Bucket
·        plastic gloves
·        adjustable / variable wrench
·        towel /cloth
·        pocketknife
·        caulk gun
·        locking pliers

    Step 1

Detach your Water Supply

Disconnect water in the supply line and then flush your toilet to run off all the water. Wear plastic gloves and get rid of retained water by using a bucket and sponge. Detach the water supply line from the lower part of the tank. Remove bolts on bottom part of the toilet by using a variable wrench.

Step 2

Clear Away the Wax Seal

Clean all caulk seal that around the bottom of your toilet bowl by using a pocket knife. Rock your toilet forth and back to make certain that it's free. Ask your friend for help to carry it away. Clear away wax seal by using a scraper putty knife. Put an old cloth in the sewer open to avoid gasses.

Step 3

Caulk your New Toilet Bowl

Clean up the flooring around the opening by using Isopropyl alcohol. Put just one bead of caulk on the bottom of your new toilet bowl. Then the caulk will primarily reduce gaps and allow for a tidy installation. If there's a serious leak near the wax ring it will make its way via the caulk.

Step 4

Put a Brand New Wax Ring

Take away the cloth that blocking the sewer open and then put a fresh wax ring in between the screws. Raise the bowl in place while your friend guiding you to place it. Do not push it, but allow its weight to press on the wax seal.

Step 5

Grease the Spud Washer

Just before placing the tank, put on a layer of plumber's silicone grease on the toilet's spud washer under the tank. You are able to replace plumber's silicone grease with petroleum jelly in case you do not have it. Raise the tank and very carefully lineup the increasing bolts.

Step 6

Tighten up the toilet Tank's Bolts

Slip the washer on the bolts and tighten its nut up manually. Use a big screwdriver to completely tighten up the bolts in the tank. Don't tighten up the bolts very much or you will break the tank.

Step 7

Check the Toilet's Level

Change mounting bolts on the bottom of the toilet bowl. Check the toilet's level. If it's good, re-connect the toilet water line supply, turn the water on, fill the tank up and flush it and check out if there any leaks.


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